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Tadasu no Mori

- 糺の森 -
Tadasu no Mori is a mystical primeval forest in the precincts of Shimogamo Shrine
Tadasu no Mori in English means the Forest of Atonement, and this forest is located in the precincts of the World Heritage Site Shimogamo Shrine. The vast forest of 124,000 square meters is still in its original state, it hasn’t been disturbed by human activity. You can find all kinds of trees, and be surrounded by so much nature that you are apt to forget that you are still in the city. This is why the forest has been named a historic site by the Japanese government. The trees of the forest are lush, and the oldest of them are hundreds of years old. In the narrow but South-North-wise long forest you can find four small, quiet rivers, the Mitarashigawa River among them. Tadasu no Mori has been known as a beautiful place of leisure since the Heian period; we can read this from the ancient poems. This forest has not lost its luster in the modern age, but is still a place of quiet relation even up to this day.
Vast forest
Vast forest
There are two paths in Tadasu no Mori going to Shimogamo Shrine, a narrow one and a wide one that can be used by cars. They are both surrounded by nature, and on a nice day you can see the locals taking walks by the paths.
Pray at Shimogamo Shrine
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Pray at Shimogamo Shrine
After you leave Tadasu no Mori, you get to enter Shimogamo Shrine. Many of the rituals of the shrine take place at Tadasu no Mori, and during the rituals, the forest is very lively with tourists.
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There are many trees, and thus also shade, which means that Tadasu no Mori is a great place for a break or for a walk. There are many ways to spend time at the forest: some people come here for a jog, others sit on a bench and read a book, while others paint pictures. I hope you will take a moment on your way to Shimogamo Shrine to appreciate the unchanging beauty of nature.
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Tadasu no Mori / 糺の森
Category Scenery
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Address 59 Shimogamo Izumigawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0807
Directions Tadasu no Mori is a 10-minute walk away from Keihan Demachiyanagi Station.
Open Hours Always open.
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Closed Open every day.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Close from the station, easy to access, and the place is great for leisurely walks.
Information Only Japanese.
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URL1 http://tadasunomori.or.jp/
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