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Tomihiro Senko|Kyozome・Kyo-Yuzen Dyeing

- 富宏染工 京染・京友禅 -
Traditional Dyeing Workshops at Tomihiro Senko|Kyozome・Kyo-Yuzen
The Kyo-Yuzen (traditional Japanese dyeing technique) specialist “Tomihiro Senko” is located in Kyoto’s Karasuma area and offer authentic Kyo-Yuzen dyeing workshops. Tomihiro Senko are known for their extremely high quality and imperially recognized Kimono—including Homongi (Semi-formal women’s kimono) and Furisode (Long-sleeved kimono)—and the great importance they place on traditional craft techniques. The first floor of Tomihiro Senko contains a range of smaller items that use the Kyo-Yuzen dyeing technique, such as clutch bags, and fans. The second floor is where the Yuzen dyeing workshops take place. Here can also see the Yuzen dyers at work too. When you take part in one of the Yuzen dyeing workshops, you will receive the kind guidance of professional Yuzen dyers and get the opportunity to work where they do, allowing you to get a sense of what it’s like to be the real deal. You can choose your favorite color and make something personal for yourself. Also, after the roughly two hour workshop is done, you’ll be able to take home your completed Yuzen creation. Tomihiro Senko cherishes traditional crafting techniques and run their dyeing workshops with a desire to spread knowledge and experience of these techniques to the people of the world. I have no doubt that through these workshops you’ll discover things you never knew and find a new appreciation for dyed things. This is definitely a worthwhile experience for anyone with an interest in dyeing.
Choose Your Color
Choose Your Color
The materials you will use are made of silk and come in four different colors, pink, yellow, purple, and light blue. The patterns also differ depending on the color of the material. We chose a pink material with a butterfly pattern. In the end, you will finish the workshop by making a Fukusa—a small cloth often used in Japan to wrap gifts of money during times of celebration or solace.
The Twelve Dye
The Twelve Dye
Tomihiro Senko always have at least twelve different dyes on hand. Choose your favorite of the twelve and follow the patterns as you dye your cloth. Have fun by picking and choosing multiple different dyes for your Yuzen.
The Yuzen Workshop
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The Yuzen Workshop
First, dip your brush in your dye of choice and then slowly fill in the pattern. You can play around with gradients and color combinations, so the color possibilities for your patterns are practically endless. The workshop lasts 90 minutes; however, the length may vary from person to person.
Add Your Makers Mark
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Add Your Makers Mark
At the very end, you’ll have the opportunity to sign your work and add your name to the Yuzen cloth (mine got a little faded…). Being able to sign your very own piece makes these perfect as souvenirs for yourself.
Manner & Tips
- Manner & Tips -

There are also smaller and more reasonably priced Yuzen hand-painting workshops too (This includes a souvenir). 

This plan includes a Yuzen dyeing workshop—which utilize ancient Keichozumi patterns—and a souvenir of your choice—either a pencil case that uses the same material as the famous Gion area Geisha or a Yuzen tumbler that contains hints of gold.

We recommend this plan to anyone who wants to try their hand at dyeing, but feels they won’t need the Fukusa you make.

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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.3 experience3.5 access3.0 photogenic3.5
This was my first time at a Yuzen hand-dyeing workshop, so I was a little nervous at first, but one of Tomihiro Senko’s dyers stayed by my side and kindly gave explanations each step of the way. At the end, I also got the opportunity to sign my own name of the Yuzen material I was using. Your finished piece will first go through a waterproofing and sewing process before being sent to you via mail (Around 10 to 14 days later). I learned so much about Yuzen through this workshop, so I definitely recommend it to anyone interested!
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Tomihiro Senko|Kyozome・Kyo-Yuzen Dyeing / 富宏染工 京染・京友禅
Category Cultural Experience
Phone +81 75-221-2743
Address Eng: 175-9 Fudocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8215, Japan Jpn: 京都府京都市中京区不動町175−9〒604-8215
Directions 7 Minute Walk from Hankyu “Karasuma” Station 10 Minute Walk from Karasuma Subway Line “Shijo” Station
Open Hours 11:00 to 17:00
Reservations Available (Phone or Email)
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Price range
Work Shop Tour + Fukusa (Silk) Making|¥6,000 (Excl. Tax) Work Shop Tour + Small Hand-painted Yuzen Workshop (Souvenir Included)|¥4,500 (Excl. Tax)
Credit cards Available
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The staff can’t speak English, but the location is convenient and you can experience an authentic Yuzen hand-dyeing workshop.
Information Japanese
Lanuages spoken Japanese
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