Finding the Newest Electronics, Shopping For a New Outfit, and Eating a Delicious Meal All in One Place!
In Yodobashi, you will find a mix of tourists looking for Japanese electronics to locals selecting their new cell phone devices. Here you will find the latest gadgets, some exclusively only available in Japan. Yodobashi not only sells electronics, but you can also find clothing stores like UNIQLO and stores that specialize in outdoor products like Kojitsu Sanso. Located in a well accessible area right besides Kyoto Station, you can actually enter from the entrance underground if you are coming from the path through Kyoto Station.
If you are in search for electronics, here is a one-stop shop right besides Kyoto Station and Kyoto Tower. This multi-floor building contains array of electronics making this place feel like an amusement park to those who love new technologies. Current popular products being bought by tourists are watches, rice cookers, and games.
Dining Floor
Dining Floor
You will find around 20 different restaurants to choose from at the 6th floor dining area. For example, how about frying your own meat and vegies on a stick at your table at Kushiya Monogatari? Or enjoy a Japanese food specialty restaurant, Ohitsugohan Shirokujichu, where you can try delicious seafood and rice with hot flavorful broth. There is also a restaurant specializes in charcoal grilled chicken called Daisen where you can try half raw Chicken Tataki.
Not Only Electronics. Clothing to Travel Agency, cosmetics to toys
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Not Only Electronics. Clothing to Travel Agency, cosmetics to toys
Wonderful fact about Yodobashi is that everything you can imagine can be found. That is one of the reason why many tourists choose this place to look for souvenir to take back. Cosmetics, baby necessities, kids toys, video games, fashion stores are in
Exhibition Room for Kyoto Intangible Cultural Heritage
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Exhibition Room for Kyoto Intangible Cultural Heritage
Look for the exhibition room displaying artifacts from Gion Festival within the areas of Yodobashi Building on the first floor. The entrance is located in the north-east side of the building. The municipal city of Kyoto hosts this fun exhibition and opens its doors for free to all guests. There are two interactive monitors which displays a route the float moves during Gion Festival as well as the imagery of the streets in the olden days.
How to buy
The store staffs are very helpful in helping you find the exact product you are looking for. Just ask for help to a person in uniform for help.
- Shopping Tips -
If you have an item in mind before visiting the store, it would be helpful if you have a screenshot of the item on your phone with you to show the store staff.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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In the restaurant floor, there are restaurants for ramen, curry, hot pot, yakiniku, kushikatsu, okonomiyaki, tonkatsu, and more! There are many choices of Japanese cuisines you can choose from also. I personally like and recommend the all you can eat kushikatsu place, "Kushiya Monogatari". There, you can choose your own ingredients to fry at your table. You can also make your own soft serve ice cream.
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I had thought that Yodobashi is just an electronic shop, but Kyoto Yodobashi has a lots of shops even fashion and restaurants too. If I have some items that I want to buy, I can complete my shopping within Kyoto Yodobashi. Goodness of assortments shops and items are really convenient to local people and tourist too.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
United States of America
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Viet Nam
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Kyoto Yodobashi
Category Department Stores
Phone +81 75-351-1010
Address 590-2, Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8216
Directions 2-minute walk from JR Line Kyoto Stn.
Open Hours 9:30am - 10pm *Travel & Book Cafe 10am - 10pm *Restaurants 11am - 11pm *New Year eve and New year day may close early.
Closed Open everyday
Notes Keep in mind that most products are made for use in Japan. Many products could be used abroad, however, ask the staff for information.
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Staff are very helpful
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken English,Chinese
Shipping services No
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