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Murakami-Ju Honten - Main store

- 村上重 本店 -
Flavorful Senmai-zuke, pickled sliced radishes, derived simply from kelp and salt
Murakami-Ju Honten has been around for more than 180 years and their “Senmai-zuke”, pickled sliced radishes, has been the most popular pickle during winter season among people in Kyoto for long time. Well selected “Shogoin kabura”, turnip of Kyo-yasai which is one of the specifically certified vegetables grown in Kyoto is used for this “Senmai-zuke”. Turnips grown in Kameoka where the temperature difference is quite extreme are fine and delicate by its climate, and are pickled with kelp and salt carefully. Although "Senmai-zuke" of other shops are rather sour and sweet, “Senmai-zuke” in Murakami-Ju Honten is very light and plain but has a fresh flavor derived from kelp and salt. Murakami-Ju Honten is located in a back alley of Kawaramachi Street and you may feel the history of long-established store by its appearance.
“Senmai-zuke”, pickled sliced radishes
“Senmai-zuke”, pickled sliced radishes / ¥1,000
Murakamim-Ju Honten is very famous for the pickled sliced radishes called “Senmai-zuke”. Senmai-zuke is a winter season pickle and ingredients such as “Shogoin kabura”, turnip of Kyo-yasai which is one of the specifically certified vegetables grown in Kyoto, kelp from Hokkaido and salt are carefully chosen. It is a bit sour but has a slightly sweet and light taste, and you may enjoy the crispy texture of turnip! You can also eat the kelp which was pickled with "Senmai-zuke" and it is quite tasty as well.
“Kyo-no shokusai”, assorted 5 kinds of pickles
“Kyo-no shokusai”, assorted 5 kinds of pickles / ¥1,500
As a gift or for those who would like to taste several kinds of pickles, we recommend these assorted 5 kinds of pickles! You can choose your 5 favorite pickles such as “shiba-zuke”, pickled brushwood, eggplant, eryngi mushroom and cucumber pickles. Please note that each pickle has its own expiration date, so we recommend that you check it before you buy them. You can also purchase your favorite pickles separately.
“Ume-kobu cha”, Plum kelp tea
3Check it out!
“Ume-kobu cha”, Plum kelp tea / ¥430
Although you may be familiar with Japanese green tea, this plum kelp tea called “Ume-kobu cha” has a totally different taste. As its name says, this tea is made by plum and kelp. Hot Ume-kobu cha which has a fresh flavor of plum based on kelp makes your body warm and you may feel that your muscles start to relax. It is usually served when you enter the shop, so you can taste it before you buy it. We recommend that you purchase this tea as a souvenir as it is handy and reasonable.
How to buy

how to buy - murakamijuPlease bring the items you have selected to the cashier. For “Kyo-no shokusai”, assorted 5 kinds of pickles, you can chose your favorite pickles from several selections. Credit cards are accepted.

- Shopping Tips -
There are some seats at this shop, so you can also take a rest while shopping. Please have some “Ume-kobu cha as it makes your body warm and relaxed.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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This shop is in a small alley by the department store Marui, and there is a somewhat nostalgic feel about the shop because it’s located in a machiya town house. If you inside, you can see all kinds of tsukemono, but the most famous is the senmaizuke pickled radish this shop is famous for. These tsukemono pickled in salt go through the fermentation process making them even more flavorful, but they are still not too salty, but just delicious! Kyoto is, of course, famous for Kyo-tsukemono, so how about getting some pickled souvenirs!
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If you come in winter you can have Senmai-zuke! It tastes great rolled into smoke salmon too! And goes well with sake! You can also taste the tsukemono pickles, and find your own favorite.
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Murakami-Ju Honten - Main store / 村上重 本店
Category Tsukemono
Phone +81 75-351-1737
Address 190 Sendou-cho, Kiyamachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Directions 3 minute walk from Kawaramachi Station on Hankyu Line
Open Hours 9:00am - 7:00pm (Note: The store will remain open until 7:30pm on weekends and holidays)
Closed None except January 1st to 3rd
Notes Please note that “Senmai-zuke” is on sale only winter season (from the late October to the end of March). Some other kinds of pickles are available throughout the year.
Price range
¥1,000 - ¥5,000
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB / Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Although Staff don't speak English, they are very kind and friendly. So please feel free to ask any questions as they will try to answer by gesture!
Information English but mostly Japanese
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services Not available
Other Simple English brochure is available at the shop

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