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Popular Nakamura Tokichi Honten - Main store

- 中村藤吉本店 -
Various kinds of traditional Uji tea and sweets are available
Nakamura Tokichi has maintained tea’s characteristics that each tea leaf has, since it was established. Gyokuro and Sencha (kinds of tea) are produced in a traditional way regardless these appearance or shapes of tea leaf. In other words, they keep their own style from opening and offer the tea which has really good taste. Please check the shop, after or before visiting the café. Not only tea leaf but also chocolate, Baumkuchen, icecream and greentea dango also are available. You can get the tax refund when you purchase over 5,001 yen or more. This shop is perfect for buying the gift for your friend or yourself as well.
Nakamura cha
Nakamura cha
It is blend tea which is an exclusive offer of main shop. Nakamura tea is mixed with 7 kinds of tea leaf with traditional way and percentage, that’s the way tea flavor has not been changed. Flavor changes depending on the temperature of water. You can enjoy both of cold or hot tea.
Tea jelly (Matcha)
Tea jelly (Matcha) / ¥390
If you don’t have enough time to be in a long line, you can purchase the same tea jelly at the shop. Houji tea flavor also available, if you are interested in these after eating it at the café, please take it out and taste it at home as well.
Tea tasting
3Check it out!
Tea tasting
There are a tea tasting corner at the next to the cash counter. If you have questions about tealeaf, please ask staffs who are making the tea gently. You should try freshly brewed tea.
How to buy
Please check the paper pop which is introduces the point about each tea
- Shopping Tips -
You can get the tax refund when you purchase over 5,001 yen or more
3.3 goods3.8 service3.0 fun3.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.2 goods3.5 service3.0 fun3.0
I had enjoyed tea tasting ! I was satisfied with the taste and presentation as well. The skill that they make the tea is worth seeing. I can enjoy just looking that.
3.3 goods4.0 service3.0 fun3.0
I love their great service! I purchased some tea bags as a gift for my friends. I would like to compare with several types of tea flavors.
3.7 goods4.0 service3.5 fun3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 goods4.0 service3.5 fun3.5
Nakamura Tokichi Honten - Main store / 中村藤吉本店
Category Japanese Tea
Phone +81 774-22-7800
Address 10 Uji Ichiban, Uji-shi, Kyoto, 611-0021
Directions 1-minute walk from JR Line Uji Stn.
Open Hours 10am - 5:30pm ( It changes depending on seasons )
Closed Jan.1st
Price range
depend on items
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Yes
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Tax is refundable when you purchase 5,001 yen or more and you can purchase traditional tea of Uji
Information Japanese / English
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services No
URL http://www.tokichi.jp/english/
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