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Kyoto Odashi Uneno

- 京都おだしの うね乃 -
Take up the challenge of preparing healthy and completely additive-free Japanese food with Dashi
Kyoto Odashi Uneno, the specialist shop that sells Dashi, designed to add taste and fragrance to food. Its strength lies in the fact that it completely safe and free from additives. These products do not contain animal proteins, but are completely vegetable-based and therefore ideal for these who health-conscious. Rich assortment of products. A wide range of soup stock types, from a powder to be dissolved in water to sachets of liquid and a soup-like broth that can be used to modify flavor intensity. Not only for those who would like to try their hand at preparing Japanese food, but can also be used in preparing various international cuisines. Especially recommended for use as a salad dressing. The powder type can also be sprinkled directly onto salads. Most of the products may be tested free of charge. Consider what you would like to cook when making your choice. Made with top quality Japanese bonito and kelp. This artisanal soup stock was created from the outset with the intention of making food taste even better.
Zin Dashi Packs
Zin Dashi Packs / Green 18 packs in 1 ¥1,188 | Yellow 18 packs in 1 ¥1,188 | Red 17 packs in 1 ¥951
The powdered Dashi is packed individually. Make the soup stock by adding one pack to 500 ml of boiled water. Three different flavors are on offer. Green is vegetable based and includes the flavors of cabbage, carrot and onion. Yellow is bonito and kelp flavored and Red is made from mackerel and sardines. Each kind can simply be brought to a boil in a pot and form a richly aromatic soup base for cooking. Green contains no animal proteins whatsoever and is therefore suitable for vegetarians. Also ideal for Western-style dishes such as pot-au-feu and risotto.
Dashi Powders
Dashi Powders / Kelp (50g) ¥908 | Tuna (40g)¥648 | Bonito (40g)¥648
The powdered Dashi is a bottled product. None of the Kelp,Tuna or Bonito products contain any additives at all. Apart from being ideal for health conscious consumers, these products are also safe for use as weaning food for babies. A small spoon is included inside the bottle so that the powder can be measured to adjust intensity of flavor. Needs to be refrigerated after opening, but can be taken back home at room temperature. For those who like a deeper flavor, the strongly aromatic Bonito is ideal.
Dried Dashi Dressing
3Check it out!
Dried Dashi Dressing / Yuzu ¥713 | Ume Shiso (Japanese plum and perilla ¥713
Coarse powdered salad dressing. Two kinds:Ume shiso and Yuzu. Contains both sesame and dried bonito flakes. Mixing it together with olive oil creates an even more intense flavor to enjoy. Tastes great as it is and can therefore be used in any way.Yuzu can be sprinkled over a fruit salad in order to add a delicious sourness. Powder dressing is uncommon in Japan, so do not hesitate to try it out.
Dashi soup corner
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Dashi soup corner / ¥713-
The corner where the soup type Dashi is sold. The charm is in its simplicity: add water or vinegar to adjust the concentration and then simply prepare the food. Why not cook in a very short time? Here also no additives have been used.Dashiya-no Shirodashi ¥1,426, the bottle on the far left of the photo, is particularly highly recommended. With these products that are used by professional chefs, you can also try cooking authentic Japanese food. Buy an English language Japanese cookbook in your own country and recreate the tastes that you encountered in Kyoto.
How to buy
Most of the Dashi can be tried out at the kitchen space inside the shop. Try to distinguish between different tastes and flavors. Gift sets containing a variety of Dashi products are also available.
- Shopping Tips -
At the time of purchase Jin Dashi Packs, instructions on how to use the Dashi are available in English. Please do not hesitate to refer to our shop staff's cooking method recommendations, which are also available.
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Their dashi-packs don't use anything that is not natural, and are easy to use: just boil them and they will make the boiling water taste good and pack your dishes with umami. If you want to make Japanese dishes at home easily, buy some dashi-packs here!
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Hong Kong
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Kyoto Odashi Uneno / 京都おだしの うね乃
Category Seasonings
Phone +81 75‐671‐2121
Address 4-3, Karahashi Kadowakicho, Minami-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 601-8461
Directions 5-minute walk from JR Line Nishioji Stn.
Open Hours 9am - 4pm
Closed 2nd Saturday, Sundays and holidays
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
You can enquire about Dashi to accompany your favorite style of cooking and our staff will be glad to provide written instructions in English on the use of this soup stock. English-speaking staff are also available.
Information Japanese, and English
Lanuages spoken Japanese, and some English
Shipping services Not accepted
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