Clothes shop of western modernity with Japanese tradition
Pagong is a clothing company in Kyoto offering colorful cloths or accessories. The origin of this store was a Kimono company operating from 1919. They are making kimono, but as days or years were passed, the demand for Kimono decreased. But they would like to transmit a yuzen style. As a result of their considering, the current Pagong, which is a combined store with their own factory has been built. They are offering modern cloths, accessories, shoes, bags, towels and so on. All of them are hand made with yuzen technique in their own factory. This style has been continued for a long time. The hope of staffs who are making some items is that, young people will also be familiar with Kimono. You can find out the combination of western modernity with Japanese tradition in this store. ▼Click here for Writer's Blog
Aloha shirts
Aloha shirts
Aloha shirts were originally made by Japanese immigrants in Hawaii, and made with Kimono. Pagong offers their own brand of western clothing with traditional Kyoto yuzen. All of their Aloha shirts are made with 100% silk.
Accessories are also available. Of course, all of these items are made with yuzen style. Clothes are little bit expensive but, these items are offered with reasonable price. It is good for the gift, these vivid colors will make you happy!
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These shoes caught my attention, how cute they are! Since they are flat-heeled, good for long walking. If you get tired of walking around Kyoto during the traveling, please try this! It will give you a comfortable walking. And carry-on suitcases are also available, these shop have some convenient items for tourists. Must check!
How to buy

how to buy - Pagong Gift boxes which are decorated with Japanese design are available with extra charge, if you purchase a gift, these boxes make the gift more gorgeous!

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This shop offers get a tax refund and accept the shipping service to abroad, please ask feel free to staffs about that.
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.8 goods4.0 service3.5 fun4.0
Pagong is special in that they use the yuzen dying technique also used for dying kimono fabric. What strikes me about this shop are their aloha shirts; the bright colors of the shirts get a somewhat subdued vibe from the kimono dying technique and make them appear not gaudy, but stylish. If I had to get but one thing at this shop, it would have to be an aloha shirt.
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Pagong - Main shop
Category Clothing Store / Vintage Clothing, Kimono / Yuzen
Phone +81 75-322-2391
Address 17 saiin nishimisozaki cho, ukyo ku, Kyoto city
Directions 15 minutes by walk from Hankyu line saiin station
Open Hours 11am - 6pm
Closed Irregular holidays
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Credit cards Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Carry-on suitcase or comfortable shoes are available. It is good for tourists and you can use it shortly
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services Accepted
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