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Shoyeido Kunkun - Kyoto Station Asty Road

- 松栄堂 薫々 ASTY京都店 -
Making Japanese traditional incense over 300 years
Originally Shoyeido was established in 1705 to manufacture Japanese traditional incense called “Koh” in Kyoto. In 2014, when they had the opportunity to set up a new store in Kyoto station, developed a new concept with its brand name of Shoyeido Kunkun. Even though they have a lot of history for over the past 300 years, they have kept creating a wide range of “Koh” items for various customers. Kunkun series that you can buy only at this store are the good souvenir, since these are offered 20 kinds of incenses today. Although the store along the busy street, the time of inside the store goes slowly due to a fresh fragrance and friendly staff. It is worth stopping on the way.
Kunkun Series
Kunkun Series / from ¥324
Colorful packages in a row look so beautiful that you will be wondering about what to choose. The most popular incense is Sirakawa (¥594). Sweetness of sandalwood aroma comes out slightly. It would give you a good sleep and calm you down. It is with a stick holder that is made of soil and please return it to the soil when there are no sticks left. It is so light and easy to bring. Let’s buy a lot for your friends!
Taga-Sode Fukube (traditional sachets)
Taga-Sode Fukube (traditional sachets) / ¥486
These sachets are with some different patterns that are chosen carefully. It is really great to put it in your room. So please not only your preference aroma, but also select the pattern that fit the interior of your room. Putting it in your car, in your wardrobe, and any spaces are recommended. The fragrance is made by natural ingredients.
Incense Burners
3Check it out!
Incense Burners / from ¥2,160
Incense burners in shape of animals are so lovely and good for the interior! Smoke comes out from a cat’s ear. A flog breath smoke from its mouth. Maybe these remind you of your pets waiting for you return home!
Kokoromi-koh (daily incense assortment)
4Check it out!
Kokoromi-koh (daily incense assortment) / ¥1,620 for 5 fragrances
Standard incense sticks with 5 kinds of aroma. You can enjoy Japanese traditional fragrances at your home. When you would like to remember the memories of staying in Kyoto at your country, why not use it?
How to buy
If you would like to get to know about items, the staffs are happy to provide an English brochure for details.
- Shopping Tips -
Fragrance tasting is available
3.9 goods4.0 service3.8 fun3.8
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
4.0 goods4.0 service4.0 fun4.0
This store sells incense, but the designs are all different and cute, plus they are cheap! Many people think of incense as something expensive, but at this store they have many types of incense, and you can buy the ones you like from only one per type, so this store is perfect for those who want to try different types of incense. They also have fancy gift sets which are great for those who want to buy incense as a present.
3.7 goods4.0 service3.5 fun3.5
This incense specialty store is old and established, but recently they have collaborated with anime companies and they have many products aimed at young people. Some of their products like Horikawa and Nijo are named after places in Kyoto, so they make great souvenirs and mementos of your trip.
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Shoyeido Kunkun - Kyoto Station Asty Road / 松栄堂 薫々 ASTY京都店
Category Inscence
Phone +81 75-212-5590 (Main office)
Address Asty-road, Kyoto Station Hachijo-guchi, 8-3, Higashishiokoji Takakuracho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Directions In Asty Road, just near the Hachijo-guchi exit in Kyoto Station.
Open Hours 9am - 9pm
Closed Open everyday
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Union Pay
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
There are staffs who speak English (not always there) and English brochures are available.
Information Japanese, English
Lanuages spoken Japanese, English (not always there)
Shipping services None
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