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Suuzando HashimotoーMain Store

- 嵩山堂はし本 本店 -
Lovely Japanese patterns are authentically displayed through these stationaries by experienced local creators
Have you written a letter on paper to someone who you are very precious nowadays? I do and Suuzando Hashimoto would like you to do it because they are sure that words written by hand has got textured letter and heart warming. Cute designed Japanese letter sets and so on are created with grace and delicate so that a letter would get your feeling. To provide petit envelope that you could use whatever you like. Generally when we use it for holding money to someone to give. It is because that it is polite expression traditionally. Mail by your mobile phone is extremely convenient to get in touch with your friends who lives in too far from you. However, Would you like to hold a pen to write a letter?
Letter set
Letter set / ¥1,728
You can choose vertical line or horizontal line. If you are interested in writing Japanese, vertical one is huge recommended. And enjoy texture of it that is different from other one you know. Japanese friends could be pleased if you send a letter with it. Envelopes are included.
Kaishi / ¥540
It is useful paper and you can use as you want Such as note, tissue, and you have may seen Japanese sweets on it. Sensu (a Japanese traditional folding fan) patterned is very simple and elegant. When you have a party in your country, Let’s try serving small cake on it!
Scented Bag
3Check it out!
Scented Bag / ¥972
Just put it in your favorite something, such as wallet, business card case and so on in order to get light fragrance with them. Someone who got from your letter with them, it makes really happy, both letter and aroma.
Disposable Chopsticks with a container
4Check it out!
Disposable Chopsticks with a container / ¥1,080
Disposable Chopsticks with a container Monkey is a oriental zodiac sign in 2016. Fish patterned in the middle of the container is sea bream which we could eat when a celebration as a traditional culture. As long as you are not good at cooking, It would be gorgeous just put it on your dinner table.
How to buy

how to buy - SuuzandoFeel free to touch to be sure what it is and go to a cashier. Staff can speak simple English with body language.

- Shopping Tips -
Seasonable patterned goods are available. If you would like to get ones, you ask staff, “Kisetstu no gara ha doredesuka?” Which ones are the season limited goods?
3.7 goods4.0 service3.0 fun4.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 goods4.0 service3.0 fun4.0
With cute illustrations like the Choju-giga picture scrolls, this shop sells traditional Japanese paper products. They sell binsen writing paper, envelopes, memo pads, and all of them are cute and things you can use every day!
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Suuzando HashimotoーMain Store / 嵩山堂はし本 本店
Category Stationery
Phone +81 75-223-0347
Address 110 Yaoyacho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi〒604-8072
Directions 10 minute-walk from Hankyu Line, Shijo-kawaramachi stn.
Open Hours 10a.m – 6p.m
Closed New years holiday and the middle of Aug.
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc.
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Staff can speak simple English with body language.
Information Japanese only
Lanuages spoken Japanese only
Shipping services None
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