iromori: An up and coming brand that fuses modern and traditional painting techniques
Tucked away in a quiet side street off Kyoto’s bustling business district of Karasuma, is the “iromori.” iromori sells hand dyed fabrics by Yuzen (Japanese dying technique) dyers. The dyers avoid techniques that submerge the fabrics in dye and painstakingly hand paint the patterns and designs of each and every piece of fabric. “iromori” is a new up and coming brand by owner of bridal kimono maker, CUCURU, Natsuko Ando and dyer, Tomoko Fuji. iromori was founded on the concept of “a fusion of the modern and the traditional” and formerly opened in March of 2019. The brand’s characterized by its use natural colors in its hand painted and vibrantly colored designs. In recent years, a lot of Yuzen patterns and designs have been made using ink jets; however, iromori cherishes traditional techniques and makes a point to do everything by hand. In addition to the fabrics themselves, iromori also makes a wide range items with their fabrics, such as clothes, accessories, and home décor. Each one of the colors used on these fabrics have been given its own original name, which in turn has its own specific meaning, making these items perfect as a special gift for a loved one or even for yourself. Enjoy the unusual charm of the different iromori pieces, which can only exist thanks to this amalgamation of the “traditional” and the “modern.”
Kingyo (GoldFish)
Kingyo (GoldFish) / 115cm×30cm ¥6,000 (Excl. Tax)
Iromori’s “Kingyo”—a fabric that blends vibrant golds and oranges in a brilliant goldfish like gradiation. One of the best parts of this fabric is its ever changing pattern, which gives way to entirely unique pieces. The bottom left of the photo is a blouse and the right is a binder made with this wonderful “Kingyo” fabric.
Mizutama (Polka Dot)
Mizutama (Polka Dot) / 115cm×30cm ¥6,000 (Excl. Tax)
iromori’s “Mizutama”—a charming fabric of differing blue polka dots. The blue polka dot pattern of this Mizutama fabric gives off a refreshing and clean summery vibe. Sitting on top of the fabric is a small accessory pouch, made using the Japanese dying technique, Yuzen.
Iromudji (Colorless)
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Iromudji (Colorless) / 115cm×30cm ¥4,200 (Excl. Tax)
iromori’s “Iromudji”—a simple, designless fabric with a refined, warm yellowish-green hue. Although this is a completely hand-made fabric, hardly any unevenness can be found in its coloration. As the fabric is almost entirely colorless, it’s easily paired with anything and can be used on a range of items, including clothes and accessories.
How to buy

A range of Yuzen fabrics line the wall, so if you find a design that catches your eye, just yell out to a staff member. 

The prices are as follows:


Patterned Yuzen:

115cm×30cm  ¥6,000 (Excl. Tax)

+10cm: ¥2,000(Excl. Tax)


115cm×30cm  ¥4,200 (Excl. Tax)

+10cm: ¥1,400(Excl. Tax)

- Shopping Tips -

iromori also stocks a range of Yuzen items great for souvenirs, including bookmarks and scented scathe pouches.

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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 goods4.0 service3.5 fun3.5
This was my first time getting to see a dyer make something in the traditional Yuzen technique in person and I was totally blown away. At iromori there are also workshops where you can give making a Yuzen design yourself a shot, I highly recommend. I also recommend iromori to those looking for something special for a loved one, as they sell accessories and the like with beautiful Yuzen patterns.
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Category Zakka (miscellaneous goods)
Phone +81 75-221-2743
Address Eng: 175-9 Fudocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8215, Japan Jap: 京都市中京区蛸薬師新町西入不動町175-9
Directions 7-Minute walk from Hankyu “Karasuma” Station
Open Hours 11:00~17:00
Closed April: Tuesday, Wednesday May onward: Sunday, Monday
Price range
Credit cards Available
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Iromori is quite easy to get to and the staff will kindly explain anything you may want to know.
Information Basic English
Lanuages spoken Japanese
Shipping services Available
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