The very fashionable Jeremy & Jemimah offers huge cotton candy in a new and exciting way
You can find a cute little shop by the famous shrine of matchmaking, Yasui Konpiragu Shrine. This cute shop sells something a bit out of the ordinary, at least in Kyoto: cotton candy! The name of this shop is Jeremy & Jemimah, and many of their cotton candy flavors are very Japanese, like sakuramochi, matcha, and yuzu citrus fruit. The cotton candy here is extremely fluffy but also very big, but once you bite into the cotton candy, it just melts away in your mouth leaving a pleasant taste of the flavor of your choosing. They also have cotton candy souvenirs on sale too, which have a best-before-date of about a month, so you can buy some here to take back to your friends. The best way to enjoy Jeremy & Jemimah is to first rent a kimono, and then take some pictures at Yasai Konpiragu Shrine, after which it is about time to buy some cotton candy at Jeremy & Jemimah and take some pictures! You can leave the rest to Instagram.
Sakuramochi-flavored cotton candy
Sakuramochi-flavored cotton candy / ¥600 (Including tax)
The sakuramochi is a seasonal spring sweet, and here you can enjoy a very authentic cotton candy version of it. There is some salty cherry-tree-leaves-powder on the pink candy which makes it taste even better.
Matcha-flavored cotton candy
Matcha-flavored cotton candy / ¥600 (Including tax)
The strong taste of the matcha (they only use the best quality Uji matcha) and the sweetness of the cotton candy go well together. If you come to Kyoto, you have to have matcha!
Mint chocolate flavored cotton candy
3Check it out!
Mint chocolate flavored cotton candy / ¥600 (Including tax)
This is their newest flavor, and the mint-flavored cotton candy is topped with a chocolate-tasting powder, making it a surprisingly refreshing piece of cotton candy.
Original taste
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Original taste / ¥600 (Including tax)
The original one is topped with some dried raspberry flakes, which make both the taste and texture of the cotton candy more interesting. The taste may be simple, but you can enjoy the taste of cotton candy at its purest.
How to buy

how to buy - JEMIMAH

Look at their menu, choose the type of cotton candy you want to have, and then tell it to the staff, and you will get a sign with a number. When your number is called, go get your cotton candy. 

- Shopping Tips -

After buying some cotton candy, it’s a nice idea to take it to the streets of Gion and take some pictures! Note that there is a parking area in front of the shop, so be careful of the cars.

3.2 goods3.5 service3.0 fun3.0
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.2 goods3.5 service3.0 fun3.0
Looking at the spiraling cotton candy being made is something very mesmerizing, and in a few moments, you have a finished cotton candy on a stick in your hands. I especially liked the pink sakuramochi one. It’s just so much fun taking photos with the cotton candy; I can’t wait to see what kind pictures you all take!
3.3 goods3.5 service3.0 fun3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Hong Kong
3.3 goods3.5 service3.0 fun3.5
Category Food & Drinks To Go
Phone +81 90-7357-3825
Address 51-4 Shimobenten-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Directions From Kyoto Station, take bus #206 to Higashiyama-Yasui bus stop; the shop is a 1-minute walk from there. Also from Kyoto Station, if you take bus #100, you can get off at Kiyomizu-Michi bus stop, from where it is a 2-minute walk to the shop. The shop is also a 10-minute walk from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station and a 15-minute walk away from Kyoto Subway Higashiyama Station.
Open Hours 11:00 a.m.-5 p.m.
Closed Open every day unless otherwise noted. Remember to check their website before going.
Price range
Credit cards Not accepted.
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
They have many different flavors on sale, so I recommend buying one and going for a walk in Gion!
Information Some simple English.
Lanuages spoken Japanese and English.
Shipping services No.
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