An arête patisserie that’ll have you coming back every season, if not every day
Cut through the Kyoto world heritage site of Shimokamo Shrine and the Tadasu no Mori forest, and you’ll come across the striking white façade of La KLASSIQUE. Fans eagerly awaited the opening of La KLASSIQUE in August 2018 as this husband and wife patisserie duo, who previously worked at a well-known patisserie in Kyoto for many years, decided it was time for them to embark on a new voyage of their own. Ms. Kato laughs as she talks about the concept behind La KLASSIQUE’s flagship dessert, the Choux Classic—explaining that the dessert found its roots in the choux cream pastries her husband’s father, who was a chef himself, would often bring home from work. The most important thing with pastries for Mr. and Ms. Kato is having people enjoy them in season, and this unwavering dedication to their pastries can be seen throughout their menu. In addition to using domestically grown fruit, they also work in accordance with the season and what is available to, through trial and error, find the absolute best recipes for their pastries, whether that be tarts, pies, scones or even crème caramel. Even their jams, which are usually considered preserves, are canned with perfectly ripened fruits and without the use of preservatives. This is to allow people to enjoy the jams when they are at their very best, season wise and taste (The expiration date for their jams is a short four months). The Shimogamo area is blessed with a tremendous amount of greenery and is a great place to sit back and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. La KLASSIQUE itself is excellent regardless of if you just want to pick up a cake to enjoy by the river as you stroll through the Tadasu no Mori forest and along the Kamogawa river, or looking for a place to sit down and have a cup of tea (The store seats up to 10 people and is open from 11:00 to 17:30). Enjoy the flavors of the season for yourself, at La KLASSIQUE.
Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake / ¥324(Inc. Tax)
Fast becoming the symbol of La KLASSIQUE, their flagship lemoned packed Lemon Cake. Pull both ends of the candy wrapper like paper to reveal a cute little lemon shaped cake. Take a bite, and the refreshing flavors of lemon from the thin layer of icing will work their way around your pallet as the remarkably moist cake delicately falls apart within your mouth. The specially chosen Mie Prefecture lemons have a modest and well-rounded sourness with a strong aroma, meaning that even those without much of a sweet tooth should be able to enjoy it too. This Lemon Cake is made similarly to pound cakes, meaning it’ll probably feel quite familiar; however, this is actually an entirely Japanese cake, developed here, so definitely try one if you have the chance.
Choux Classic
Choux Classic / ¥378(Inc. Tax)
The inspiration behind the name La KLASSIQUE, the Choux Classic. The crispy choux pastry, dusted with refined Belgian pearl sugar, is baked to perfection with a layer of cookie dough on top to give the bumpy outer an even more satisfying bite. The custard cream that oozes from the center of the choux has a slight spring to it, while the flavors of the eggs and Madagascan vanilla beans leave wonderful flavors that linger on your tongue. The choux and custard are so simple and balanced just perfectly; however, it’s precisely their simplicity that allows you to get a sense of La KLASSIQUE’s dedication to quality. This Choux Classic allows you to enjoy the uncompromising balance and spectacular conjugation of the three entirely unique textures of cookie dough, choux pastry, and custard cream, all in one delicious dessert.
Japanese Blood Orange and Shiranui Tart
3Check it out!
Japanese Blood Orange and Shiranui Tart / ¥540(Inc. Tax)
This Japanese Blood Orange and Shiranui Tart is an April exclusive that was on offer when we visited La KLASSIQUE. This seasonal tart uses a variety of Mandarin called Shiranui, or more commonly, Dekopon, from Kumamoto Prefecture. Usually, tarts are topped with a coating of almond cream, but La KLASSIQUE lavishly uses brûlée instead. The use of brûlée allows the robust flavors and aromas of the oranges and Shiranuis to really stand out. The delicious fruits that feature on these tarts are chosen according to the specific season you visit in, meaning that a new season will bring an entirely different tart for you to enjoy.
Banana and Blood Orange Mousse Chocolat
4Check it out!
Banana and Blood Orange Mousse Chocolat / ¥594(Inc. Tax)
A favorite at La KLASSIQUE, the Banana and Blood Orange Mousse Chocolat. Enclosed in the uniquely shaped chocolate sits a chocolate mousse with an orange and ripe banana sauce. Surprisingly, this mousse doesn’t contain any gelatin and is made entirely with the stabilizing effects of the pectin from the sugar spot covered ripened bananas and Japanese blood oranges, which feature in the tart mentioned above. By pairing these fruits with the chocolate mousse, La KLASSIQUE has managed to reveal an entirely new side of them. The surrounding chocolate is purposely kept untempered to give it a soft texture that doesn’t fall apart when you cut into it and beautifully melts with the mousse in your mouth. This dessert is a staple at La KLASSIQU, but as the oranges inside change seasonally, it’s also one that you’ll never grow tired of.
How to buy

Each menu item is written in English and displayed in either the display cabinet or on the rack. 

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- Shopping Tips -

If you choose to take home a cake, La KLASSIQUE will include two hours’ worth of ice packs on request and free of charge, so ask one of the staff when purchasing your cake.

For people that require additional ice packs, they can be added for ¥162 (Inc. Tax) each.

In addition to cakes, La KLASSIQUE also stocks a wide range of other treats, such as pastries and jams, which can be great gifts for friends and family back home.

Payments via credit card are available.


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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
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This is of course just a personal opinion, but I think La KLASSIQUE is THE best patisserie in Kyoto. I actually have a love for sweet things, but I often find that I'm not too fond of a lot of mom-and-pop patisseries. Why? Because often they try too hard to be unique (like trying to force way too many nuts or fruits into things) and I just end up thinking that a normal old shortcake would be better. However, La KLASSIQUE’s cakes are just on an entirely different level. Their shortcakes are a given, but their entire line up, including their staple Lemon Cake and seasonal tarts, all feature a carefully calculated balance between the fruits, the texture of the whipped cream, and the softness of the sponge. These cakes, are so good they’ll be moving you emotionally while making you think “wow, there really are cakes this good out there, huh?” After only going there once, my entire family, including myself, my wife, and my children, all became huge fans of this place. If you’re going near the Shimogamo shrine, I would definitely recommend dropping by La KLASSIQUE.
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After trying one of La KLASSIQUE’s cakes for the first time, I became a huge fan and even came here by myself as well.One of my favorite things about Mr. and Mrs. Kato’s pastries is that they’re made with such tenderness that their compassion for their customers comes across in them. I could feel it when I tried one of their cakes, but I actually felt it much stronger when we went there for this article. If you’re headed to the Shimogamo Shrine, I really recommend going and experiencing this feeling for yourself. Among La KLASSIQUE’s staple desserts, their Éclair chocolat flipped what I thought I knew about éclairs on its head. The thick pastry and chocolate fondant blended perfectly with the rich chocolate cream, leaving you feeling like you’d just done something a bit over the top. They sometimes announce their latest desserts over Facebook and Instagram, so definitely check their social media before visiting yourself.
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Category Sweets
Phone +81 75-746-3059
Address Eng: Japan, 〒606-0805 Kyoto, Sakyo Ward, Shimogamo Morimotocho, 13−9 Tadasunomori building 1F Jpn: 京都市左京区下鴨森本町13-9糺の森ビル本館1階
Directions 10 Minute Walk from Keihan / Eizan Electric Rail “Demachiyanagi” Station 1 Minute Walk from City Bus “Tadasunomori” Bus Stop
Open Hours 10:00~18:00 Eat-in:11:00~17:30(17:00 L.O.)
Closed Sundays and 2 other days each month Check Facebook and Instagram for the latest information
Notes Peak Times:13:00~15:00 The Lemon Cake may sell out by noon as it’s a popular item
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / ALIPAY
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Choose your desserts from the display case. Each item is displayed in English as well. Thanks to its proximity to the Shimogamo Shrine, you can easily drop by while sightseeing.
Information English
Lanuages spoken Basic English
Shipping services Unavailable
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