A Wildly Popular Patisserie with an Apple Pie that Sells out in 1.5 Hours
“N’importe quoi” recently opened their doors near the Nishiki Market with Hirokatsu Nishihara as head pâtissier. The store takes over from Nishihara’s father’s store, AU GRENIER D’OR, which closed their doors in May of 2018. The name, N'importe quoi means “anything” or “whatever” in French. One of N’importe quoi’s most popular pastries is their “Apple Tart”, a pastier inherited from the head pâtissier’s father. The tart is such a favorite that lines form outside the store before it even opens (at 11 AM) and is often completely sold out by 12:30. The reason behind its popularity lies in the store's dedication to using only quality ingredients. The apples used in the tarts are seasonal Aomori Prefecture apples, meaning that the tarts are only available from September to May. Other items that are worth a mention are the deliciously gooey range of Blancmange, a Japanese pudding-like dessert. The interior of the store features an almost art gallery-like atmosphere, with paintings lining the walls and figures of the likes of Steve Jobs and Iron Man making an appearance too. Every single item you see displayed in the store are from head pâtissier Nishihara’s personal collection. Make the most of the wait time and check out all the cool things on display while in line.
Apple Tart
Apple Tart / ¥390/Per Slice (Inc. Tax)
N’importe quoi’s famous Apple Tart. These apple tarts use Aomori Prefecture apples in combination with whipped cream, sugar and butter. This simple recipe is prepared with the utmost care, which culminates in some absolutely out of this world flavors. The apples are juicy, while the pastry is crisp and flakey. The sweetness from the seasonal apples contrasts exquisitely with their slightly sour bite. The availability of these tarts is determined by the harvest seasons of the apples, meaning they are only available from September to May. Only around 100 slices are offered each day, so we recommend getting to the store and lining up early if you want to get your hands on one. It is also recommended that the tarts be eaten the day they are purchased, to ensure the best flavors possible. Note that purchase limits may apply.
Hōjicha Blancmange
Hōjicha Blancmange / ¥480 (Inc. Tax)
This Hōjicha Blancmange is a wonderfully rich dessert made with Hōjicha roasted Japanese green tea sourced from Kyoto’s Uji City, and rare cow’s milk from Hokkaido. The Hōjicha and milk go incredibly well with each other, and one spoon full will have the intensely aromatic flavors of the green tea dancing across your entire palate. Filling a cute mason jar nearly to the brim, this not too overly sweet dessert is great for those with slightly more mature tastes in desserts. Note that the Hōjicha Blancmange is recommended to be eaten on the day of purchase to ensure the best flavors possible.
Strawberry Tart
3Check it out!
Strawberry Tart / ¥520 (Inc. Tax)
This Strawberry Tart sets itself apart with its use of giant, succulently sweet and bright red Tochigi “Tochiotome” strawberries. Beneath the strawberries sits a bed of crisp and buttery pastry. Hiding in between both of them is a layer of delicious whipped cream that goes perfectly with the mild sweetness of the strawberries.
Kyo Madeleine / To Financier
4Check it out!
Kyo Madeleine / To Financier / ¥190/Per Piece (Inc. Tax)
The Kyo Madeleine is an N’importe quoi original madeleine that features a sweet buttery aroma with a softly simple flavor. The slight addition of lemon juice also works to give this cake like pastry wonderfully refreshing flavors as well. The To Financier is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and also gives off the lovely aroma of almonds. The flavor of melted butter and sweet almonds is simply irresistible. When you line both these pastries up, they create the word “京都” (Kyoto), and as the best, before date is longer than the above-mentioned pastries, they are perfect as souvenirs to take home.
How to buy

how to buy - N’importe quoi

A spread of different pastries lines the display case at the back of the store.

The names of each pastry are written in both Japanese and French; however, if you are unable to read or pronounce any of the names, then you can simply order by pointing to what you would like. 

N’importe quoi closes at 18:00, however, as they are quite popular, they may sell out of pastries before closing time.

We recommend trying to get here as early as possible.

- Shopping Tips -

tips - N’importe quoi

N’importe quoi also sells prepackaged baked goods too, so don’t forget to check them out too!

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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.8 goods4.0 service4.0 fun3.5
I was a massive fan of Nishihara’s father’s store, PATISSERIE AU GRENIER D'OR a few of years ago, so I was absolutely devastated when I heard they would be closing their doors. That’s why I was overjoyed to hear that at N’importe quoi we would be able to enjoy AU GRENIER D’OR’s apple tarts again. The blancmange, which I was able to try for the first time, had an incredibly light yet rich flavor and was unbelievably good. I especially like the cute little mason jar it was in, which gave it tops points for trendiness in my book. In addition to the Hōjicha Blancmange, N’importe quoi also sells jasmine and passion fruit flavored blancmange as well, so try them all out if you can.
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N’importe quoi
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Phone +81 7-5708-3742
Address Eng: 527-1 Kikuyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8127, Japan Jpn: 京都府京都市中京区堺町通錦小路上ル527-1
Directions 5 Minute Walk from the Hankyu “Karasuma Station” and Subway “Shijo Station” 5 Minute Walk from the City Bus “Shijokarasuma” Bus Stop
Open Hours 11:00~18:00
Closed Mon, Tues, Weds (Non-fixed Holidays also Possible)
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
Easy to access as location is close to the Nishiki Market
Information Japanese and French
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