Elegant everyday goods showcase the skills of this longstanding Kyo-yuzen store
SOHYA TAS is a Zakka store belonging to longstanding Kyo-yuzen store Chiso, which was established in 1555. From stoles to accessories, each and every item sold at SOHYA TAS sits in a class of their own as they reflect the refined sense of beauty and over 460 years of inherited techniques of Chiso. In addition to the store’s signature stoles, which utilize Kyo-yuzen dyeing techniques, SOHYA TAS stocks a wide range of wonderfully Japanese goods, such Japanese folding fans to large colored cards that feature seasonal designs. SOHYA TAS is great for getting gifts for a loved ones, or even just something to treat yourself.
Stole / ¥6,480 (Inc. Tax) ~ ¥45,360 (Inc. Tax)
*Note that prices vary from item to item. Please ask the staff to find out more details about prices. The Chiso stoles sold at SOHYA TAS are characterized by their use of incredibly soft and light materials, including silk. SOHYA TAS stock around 80 different variations of stoles at one time, all of which feature appropriate seasonal designs. The patterns on the stoles were made by kimono designers and feature the kinds of free compositions that are not able to be expressed on kimono. Although the patterns were created by kimono designers, they also feature classically western details too, making them easy to pair with everyday clothing as well. Feel free to take your time trying on all the different stoles in front of the mirror until you find the right one.
Shikishi Cards
Shikishi Cards / Large: ¥3,20 (Inc. Tax) | Small: ¥1,404 (Inc. Tax)
These large pieces of carded paper known as Shikishi are made using a Yuzen type of patterning, wherein they apply a pattern and colored paste before dyeing it. Each piece of card is hand printed and truly demonstrates the high level of skill used by the printers. There are between 100 and 200 designs, ranging from those that reflect the season with designs of maple leaves and cherry blossoms, to ones which reflects a certain sense of Kyoto and feature designs from the the symbol of Kyoto, the Gion Matsuri Festival, The shikishi displayed in store are those which feature designs most for the current season; however, if you would like a particular design, such as a cherry blossom shikishi, then feel free to ask one of the staff, as they may have some in storage.
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Handkerchiefs / ¥3,240 (Inc. Tax) ~ ¥3,546 (Inc. Tax)
From the material to the sewing, Chiso are very particular about having their specialty handkerchiefs be made entirely in Japan. The handkerchiefs use a dyeing technique called “Tenassen” and each color is dyed individually by hand. The designs handkerchiefs, which feature delicate and beautiful Japanese patterns of animals and plants, are redesigns taken from over 30,000 Kyo-yuzen textiles spanning from the Meiji Era to the Showa Era. The refined glossy finish and silky smooth texture of these beautiful handkerchiefs are excellent as gifts for loved ones.
Japanese Folding Fan (Inc. Case)
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Japanese Folding Fan (Inc. Case) / ¥7,560 (Inc. Tax)
These Japanese folding fans were tailored by a longstanding Kyoto fan maker and are all of the highest quality. The fans use a pattern called “Meibutsugire,” which were taken from the designs of dyed fabrics that Chiso used to make from the Meiji Era to the beginning of the Showa Era. The combination of different patterns derived from Japan, the West, and even geometry, and traditional Japanese methods, come together to create a unique beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. There are two colours, both of which are unisex, meaning that both men and women can feel comfortable using them. Japanese folding fans are absolutely essential in the hot and humid Kyoto summers, so why not cool yourself down this summer in style with one of SOYHA TAS’s beautiful fans?
How to buy

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Chiso’s stoles come in a range of shapes, including “square,” “oval,” and “mini,” so you can play around and wear them in a variety of ways.

As pictured above, there is a binder full of different ways to wear the stoles instore, so take a look if you’re interested.

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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.5 goods4.0 service3.5 fun3.0
Every single item SOHYA TAS stocks is amazingly good and of the best quality. As SOHYA TAS belongs to the longstanding Kyo-yuzen store Chiso, they stock a huge variety of items that feature unique aesthetics you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Especially the stoles, they were all just so wonderful, you get entranced just by looking at them. They were all incredibly beautiful and I think that if I ended up buying one then it would take quite a bit of time to decide which one I would want. The material is also wonderfully soft and light, and I think one day I might want to buy one for my mom. I also thought the store’s consideration regarding the season was delightful as well. SOHYA TAS really cherish the feelings the different seasons bring and pay close attention to what is being displayed in the store regarding them. The items on sale change seasonally, so every season brings new surprises and new things to discover.
3.7 goods3.0 service4.0 fun4.0
One of the most Kyoto-esque stores I have ever had the privilege of visiting. With a massive range of different items for sale, from stoles to letter paper, Japanese fans and jewelry, SOHYA TAS has something for everyone. Their prices are also just as varied. After looking at how much some of their stoles were, I thought this probably wasn't a store aimed at people like myself; however, I then had a look at some of their cards, letter paper, and other such things. Everything I was personally interested in were all within my price range, and I'll definitely be coming here again next time I need a card or something for a special occasion.
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Category Kimono / Yuzen, Zakka (miscellaneous goods)
Phone +81 75-221-3133
Address Eng: Chiso Bld.1F, 80 Mikuracho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan 604-8166 Jpn: 京都市中京区三条通烏丸西入御倉町80番地
Directions 3 Minutes Walk from the Subway “Karasumaoike” Station 7 Minutes Walk from the Hankyu “Karasuma” Station
Open Hours 11:00~17:00
Closed Wednesdays
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners / Payment via Credit Cards available
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The staff can speak basic English
Information Japanese
Lanuages spoken Basic English
Shipping services Unavailable
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