A long-standing Kyoto souvenir shops gathered at a stone's throw away from the Keifuku Line Arashiyama Station
Arashiyama Syoryuen is a 2 story shopping mall with 16 different well-established shops from Kyoto right in front of the Keifuku Line Arashiyama Station. The first floor features a food court and the second floor sells a selection of Kyoto-based traditional crafts, which is convenient. The first floor has a large stock such as Nishio Yatsuhashi well known in Kyoto and burger shop Tofu chaya. You can have them in the middle of the building and at the inner garden. On the second floor, unique handicraft shops are ranged. One of the shop, Nakajima Zogan specializes in accessories made of Zogan, which is used to lavishly decorate swords and castles. Craft classes are available without booking. Sharing Kyoto Staff picked out four shops to introduce for you! What's your favorite?
Nishio Yatsuhashi/ 1F
Nishio Yatsuhashi/ 1F / Yatsuhashi/ ¥250 (5 pieces a pack)
Yatsuhashi is talking of Kyoto confectionery. The paste made from rice flour and cinnamon. And bean paste is wrapped with it. Its soft texture is very similar to a mochi rice cake. Nishio Yatsuhashi has been for over 300 years and they offer more than 30 different flavors to enjoy. They also feature limited-time flavors in fall like one with chestnuts or potato. The chestnut paste in particular has a strong taste like you are eating an actual chestnut. It's also tasty with toasting a little.
Sanbido/ 2F
Sanbido/ 2F / Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) ¥648
Sanbido is a top brand of Japanese accessories. They offer divers colorful items, including Japanese-style purse called Gamaguchi, Furoshiki and Tenugui (Japanese cloth). They also offer free lessons on how to make a hand bag with Furoshiki cloth every day. It's also amazing to wrap a wine bottle with it . What would you like to wrap?
Tofu Chaya/ 1F
3Check it out!
Tofu Chaya/ 1F / Sandwiches with vegetable and tofu ¥400
Tofu Chaya is a take-away only shop that offers popular Kyoto-style burgers. The one to the right in the photo is a popular burger made with tofu that is loved by locals and topped on Kyoto leek. It's filling, besides health! Further more, Tofu chikuwa (fish paste) and a lot of other tofu-based dishes are interesting even for Japanese.
Nakazima Zogan/ 2F
4Check it out!
Nakazima Zogan/ 2F / Zogan Accessories/ various prices
Zogan mainly that carved metal or pottery in laid with gold and silver. In Kyoto, zogan inlays have been used to decorate castles and other things. Nakazima Zogan has won acclaim for the slightly different design because all are hand-made. Maple leaf shaped earring and ginkgo leaf-patterned necklaces and so on, you must fall in love with them.
How to buy
You can sample almost everything at Nishio Yatsuhashi, so feel free to try some flavors you like. Also, if you find it too difficult to make a bag with Furoshiki cloth at the workshop in Sanbido, you can buy one and ask them to make a bag for you.
- Shopping Tips -
Arashiyama Syoryuen has 16 different shops that offer exclusive specialty foods and gifts. Get something you can not find somewhere else!
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.3 goods4.0 service3.0 fun3.0
This is a big souvenir mall by Randen Arashiyama Station. On the first floor there are food souvenirs and on the second floor crafts and accessories. All the stores inside the mall are well established and represent Kyoto, so you will definitely find something you like here!
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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.7 goods4.0 service3.5 fun3.5
Arashiyama Syoryuen / 嵐山昇龍苑
Category Food Souvenirs, Traditional Crafts, Food & Drinks To Go
Phone +81 75-873-8180
Address Sagatenryuji Susukinobabacho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 616-8385
Directions 10-minute walk from JR Line Saga-Arashiyama Stn. 10-minute walk from Hankyu Arashiyama Stn. 1-minute walk from Keifuku Line Arashiyama Stn.
Open Hours 10am-5pm (the closing time is extended depending on the season)
Closed None
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, etc. / Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The mall has announcements in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean, so you can figure out what each shop sells. Also, it’s located right in front of Keifuku Line Arashiyama Station.
Information Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean
Lanuages spoken Japanese, Some English, Some Chinese (depending on a shop)
Shipping services None
URL http://www.syoryuen.jp/en
Other Arashiyama’s local Wi-Fi service is available in the area. Set up once and no need to re-connect when visiting again.
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