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Stationery Store tag – Teramachi Sanjo - 文具店tag寺町三条店 -
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Jan. 17, 2020 UPDATE

Stationery Store tag – Teramachi Sanjo

- 文具店tag寺町三条店 -
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Story & Recommendation
Stationery Store tag – Modern Kyoto stationery and the new face of Teramachi
Stationery Store tag – Teramachi Sanjo is simply that, a stationery store located in the Sanjo-dori part of the Teramachi shopping arcade. Only just opened in mid-2018, tag is a relatively new addition to Teramachi St. In addition to stocking your usual assortment of wonderfully Kyoto-esque goods, tag also has a huge selection of practical stationery, and office and store supplies. While the entrance may be a little unsuspecting, it opens up to a large interior filled shelves of stationery across multiple floors. Stepping inside, you’re sucked into a world of interesting and exciting stationery that beckons you deeper and deeper inside. However, among all the stationery, two of the biggest draws of tag has to be their massive assortment of Kyoto made and original products. As you enter the store, you’ll see various stationery using Kyoto made traditional Japanese washi paper and goshuin seal books. As you make your way around the store, you’ll also come across original tag ink and fountain pens too. Also, while tag actually has a few locations around Kyoto, this Teramachi Sanjo store offers a great selection of things that can only be found there. The name "tag" comes from the idea of chucking up a sticky note somewhere. Because when you stick something to where you use it the most, you cut down the time it takes to find it again. So while the exact kind of stationery and office supplies being sort after vary between customers, tag wanted to cement themselves as the first place anyone would look, the first sticky note that they would see. If you’re looking for stationery that’s uniquely Kyoto, then tag will have you covered.
FUMISOME Ink / ¥2,000 (excl. tax)
FUMISOME is tag’s very own series of original, non-artificial colored inks. Also, FUMISOME, which you’ll see lining the front of the store, can only be found at tag’s Teramachi Sanjo and flagship stores. FUMISOME inks come in four colors, indigo, chlorophyll, gardenia and lichen and are made using traditional Kyoto dyeing techniques and contain only natural colors. If the FUMISOME inks have piqued your interest, then why not pick up one of tag's genuine leather fountain pens to give yourself something to write with too? You can try out the inks in store, so if you’re interested, just let one of the staff know.
Washi Tape
Washi Tape / ¥200– (excl. tax)
This set of unique sticky tape is made of traditional Japanese washi paper and features beautiful Kyoto-esque yuzen designs. On the left-hand side of the entrance to tag, you’ll find rows of these awesome tapes in all colors and patterns. While this tape is made from leftover yuzen washi paper and contains many yuzen designs, there are also some tapes that take on more fluorescent and modern designs. In tag, you can also find goshuin seal books and notebooks with the same designs, so you can pick yourself up a set.
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Twiggy (compact scissors)  / ¥800 (excl. tax)
While they may look like pens at first glance, Twiggy are actually tiny scissors! Made to be super compact, these scissors have no problem fitting in any pencil case. Also, don’t underestimate them just because they’re small. These scissors are just as sharp and cut just as well as any regular pair of scissors. The Twiggy scissors come in a range of different colors as well, so find the one you like best and give your pals in your pencil case a new buddy.
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JETSTREAM / Knock-type ballpoint pen ¥150 (refill: ¥100)|Multi colored pens: ¥1,000 (refill: ¥80) (all exclude tax).
JETSTREAM, the pens beloved by Japanese stationery heads. Why are they so popular you ask? Because they are both fine-tipped and incredibly satisfying to write with. JETSTREAM pens’ addictively satisfying feel and quality ink that doesn’t smudge despite how thin the tips are is why the are lorded by so many. JETSTREAM also offers refills in a range of sizes (0.38mm、0.5mm、0.7mm、1.0mm) so one pen can last a lifetime. Both the pens and the refills are compact and fit easily into any bag, so we highly recommend picking up a few to take home.
How to buy

tag is a stationery store selling lots of different things, so do not bring food and drinks inside.

This applies even if you’re just sitting inside the store.

Please also refrain from throwing things away in the bathroom trash cans as well.

- Shopping Tips -

tag has four floors; B1F-3F.

The stairway to the third floor is a little hard to find, but we urge you to check out the third floor nevertheless.

There’s also an elevator.

Floor Guide:

        -B1F: Drawing paper, calligraphy supplies, letter set, Card, etc.

        -1F: Design stationery, fountain pens, ink, leather stationery, seasonal exclusives, etc.

       -M2F: Writing supplies, pencil cases, erasers, notebooks, character themed stationery, etc.

        -2F: Office supplies, filing supplies, etc.

        -3F: Office supplies, store supplies, packaging supplies, etc.

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