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Uragu Hatch

- 裏具ハッチ -
Uragu Hatch is a marvelous stationery store close to Yasaka Pagoda that has a different appeal for different people
On the street to Yasaka Pagoda, lined with restaurants and souvenir shops, is the store I’m going to introduce today, Uragu Hatch. It is a cozy and mysterious and wondrous souvenir store. Uragu Hatch is a souvenir store mainly specializing in stationery and products only found in Kyoto. Their main store in Miyakawa-cho only sells stationery, but Uragu also sells zakka like tableware and tenugui hand towels with the concept “Thoughtful souvenirs.” The products on display in the shop are all made with utmost care, and maybe because of this you can feel a kind of warmth and relaxedness in the design of the products. When it comes to the products of Uragu Hatch, my most favorite one has to be the tiny, tiny notepaper block called Mamemo. The minute shape and distinctive design of this main item of Uragu Hatch is charming. It’s hard to take your eyes away of the Mamemo after looking at the cute and fashionable pictures on them. Because of this mysterious charm, more and more people go to Uragu Hatch. The owner of Uragu’s said that she wants people to enjoy the whole shop on their own terms. The distinctive pictures, the colors used in the shop and the logo, all have some meaning and make you think. This is why she wants the people who visit the store to think about the designs and choose products that fit their senses. The products look different, and they have different charms for different people. The products of Uragu Hatch give full reign to your imagination, and that is the most charming point of the store. Sightseeing spots like Yasaka Pagoda and Kiyomizu-dera Temple are a walking distance from Uragu Hatch. Uragu Hatch is a store in the heart of Gion that gives out a special charming vibe that cannot be ignored, so when you go to Gion please visit Uragu Hatch and feel the store’s appeal.
Little notes to show your feelings, Mamemo
Little notes to show your feelings, Mamemo / ¥350
Uragu Hatch is most famous for their tiny, tiny notepaper, Mamemo, with 200 pages. The Mamemo “message blocks” are regularly-arranged right after the entrance of the store, and the small size that fits right into your hand makes them feel cute and makes you want to pick one up. The most special thing about Mamemo has to be the cute pictures on them. There are many styles of these personal Mamemos, and they won’t stop capturing people’s imaginations. How about using Mamemo to write messages on things you borrowed and are now returning, or just write the things that come up to your mind, and write your feelings to the paper, so how about leaving Mamemo by your side?
Kotomori that takes its form from Japanese amulets, omamori
Kotomori that takes its form from Japanese amulets, omamori / ¥280
Kotomori is also one of the popular products at Urugu Hatch. This product is a small message card in the form of a Japanese amulet - omamori. You won’t see this design at other stores. Like the Mamemo, Kotomori also has the cute designs peculiar to Uragu Hatch. The Japan-like omamori form of the Kotomori is an out of the ordinary message card good as a souvenir or for personal use.
Postcards with many different pictures on them
3Check it out!
Postcards with many different pictures on them / ¥130
Uragu Hatch’s postcards are maybe the best product to be bought as a souvenir. The Mamemo and Kotomori also have many pictures in common so they would make a nice set. As a canvas a postcard is a bit bigger than Mamemo, so you can enjoy the designs on a bigger size. These postcards can be used for many things, they are good as mementos of your trip to Japan that you can send back home, or you can put them in a case and put them on display.
Pottery produced in collaboration with a long established store
4Check it out!
Pottery produced in collaboration with a long established store / ¥2,800
Uragu collaborates with Kyoto’s companies, and also sells these products born of these projects. These products born of the collaboration projects can be bought here at Uragu Hatch. These products were born from a collaboration project with a long established Kyoto pottery store Tachikichi. The china and porcelain of Tachikichi are simple, and most famous for their pure white design. This design is then combined with the fashionable and graceful designs only Uragu Hatch can make, and thus completely new porcelain and plates are born. This china and porcelain that only be bought here is something I would like you to look at.
How to buy

how to buy - Uragu Hatch 1

The Kotomori I introduced in the recommended section can also be used like in the picture, hanging from a wine bottle, and this way is chic and recommended by me. In this way Uragu Hatch’s stationery is in some respect chic and fashionable.

how to buy - Uragu Hatch 2

Mamemo is a popular product with a reasonable price so many people by more than one Mamemo. For people that buy more than one I recommend this Mamemo “message block set”. When you choose three Mamemos that you like, the staff will put them in a neat little box like this, so considering this set should also be something to consider.

- Shopping Tips -

・Many of the products at Uragu Hatch are pottery or made of paper and delicate, so be careful when you touch them.

・All the patterns and pictures have a meaning and feelings of the designer behind them, so looking at them while thinking of this is sure to be fun!

3.1 goods3.8 service3.0 fun2.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.0 goods4.0 service3.0 fun2.0
I really like Uragu Hatch! The souvenirs with their playful and cute designs should not only be bought as souvenirs! They could be presents for your loved one, or for yourself. By the way, I fell in love with the Mamemo notepaper block at first sight, and bought two! The store is close to the main sightseeing spots of Kyoto, so if you come to Kyoto for sightseeing, please also visit Uragu Hatch!
3.2 goods3.5 service3.0 fun3.0
Uragu Hatchi is a valuable refuge from the kitsch of souvenir shops of the Kiyomizu area. I especially found the "message block" notes of note; the design of them is at the same time a traditional Japanese one but there is something different too, something modern, you could even say something French. The most interesting part of this shop is that itoffers something different. Even makes you think.
3.5 goods3.0 service4.0 fun3.5
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.5 goods3.0 service4.0 fun3.5
Uragu Hatch / 裏具ハッチ
Category Stationery
Phone +81 75-525-5166
Address 84-1, Uedacho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0852
Directions ・2-minutes walk from Kiyomizu michi bus stop on Kyoto city bus route 206 or 100 from Kyoto station ・16-minute walk from Keihan Line Gionshijo Stn.
Open Hours 11am - 5pm
Closed Thursdays (If Thursday is a public holiday, the following day)
Price range
Credit cards VISA, MASTER, JCB, etc. / Accepted
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The staff can’t speak English, but they are friendly and will use gestures to communicate, so you can feel at ease when entering the store.
Information Only Japanese.
Lanuages spoken Only Japanese.
Shipping services Possible for an extra fee.

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