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Yoshimura Wagashi-ten

- 吉村和菓子店 -
Yoshimura Wagashi-ten is a traditional Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto that sells healthy sweets
Kameya Yoshinaga is a Japanese sweets shop founded over 210 years ago, and Yoshimura Wagashi-ten is a new shop by them offering healthier sweets. The reason why this new shop was opened was that the eight generation owner of the shop got sick, but his wife still wanted him to have some sweets he could eat. So the sweets sold in this shop are healthier than normal Japanese sweets; gentler on the body. They put great thought into the ingredients used in their sweets, as in using natural sugars like Palatinose and coconut sugar. The owner of the shop tastes all of the sweets before they go on sale and checks that they are not too heavy. The gentle taste of the sweets is sure to make everyone who tastes them smile. The sweets of Yoshimura Wagashi-ten make it possible for everyone to enjoy delicious sweets and the happiness they bring forth with them. These sweets are great gentle Kyoto souvenirs.
Yakihozui – Scattering seeds
Yakihozui – Scattering seeds / One bag ¥810, a box ¥1,080
At Yoshimura Wagashi-ten, their most famous sweet has to be this, Yakihozui – Scattering seeds. This is the shop’s take on the Japanese sweet hozui which is dried meringue and agar. The round cookie-like form of the hozui with the different toppings looks very cute. When you bite into the hozui, you will get a satisfying crunch, after which the sweets just melt in your mouth, leaving you with just the toppings. This is a completely new Japanese sweet.
Mikamodama / ¥756
Ubatama is the most famous of the sweets Kameya Yoshinaga is offering. It uses brown sugar and red bean paste, and the sweet is topped with agar. Mikamodama is a version of this sweet that was planned with those with diabetes in mind. The taste and the way the sweet is made are the same as with Ubatama, but the ingredients are changed in order to make the sweet healthier. Mikamodama is made using coconut and beet sugar making the rise in blood sugar more controlled. They taste great and have a caramelly fragrance!
Coconut cookies
3Check it out!
Coconut cookies / One bag ¥756, a box ¥1,026
These coconut cookies are made using coconut and coconut oil. They have a gentle sweet taste thanks to maple syrup. There is also coarse red bean paste mixed into the dough, making it airy. Personally this is the sweet I would like to recommend the most.
How to buy

Yoshimura Wagashi-ten can be found in the back of the sweets shop Kameya Yoshinaga. When you go into the shop, you are first greeted by the products of Kameya Yoshinaga, but just keep going. 

You have found the Japanese sweets shop offering healthy sweets once you see this sign reading Yoshimura Wagashi-ten and Yuiko Yoshimura below it. The design of the sign is the famous Kyoto shop Sou Sou. 

At Yoshimura Wagashi-ten they also sell a set for making red bean paste at home.This is a great set to have when you have a sudden craving for red bean soup. 

- Shopping Tips -

The best before date for Yakihozui is 30 days, but they are very weak against moisture, so you should eat them as soon as possible once you open the box they are in. 

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Overseas Tourist-Friendly
3.2 goods3.5 service3.0 fun3.0
Great care goes into all of the sweets sold here, and when I tasted them, I couldn’t help but smile. The taste is of course great! I like the coconut cookies the best. The crunchy airy texture is so great I feel like I could eat really many of them. This is a great Japanese sweets shop where everyone can enjoy the happiness that the sweets bring with them.
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Yoshimura Wagashi-ten / 吉村和菓子店
Category Sweets, Food Souvenirs
Phone +81 75-221-2005
Address 17-19 Kashiwaya-cho, Shijo-dori Aburakoji Nishi-iri, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City *The shop is in the back of Kameya Yoshinaga.
Directions A 5-minute walk from Hankyu Omiya Station. A 10-minute walk from subway Shijo Station.
Open Hours 9:00 a.m.-6 p.m.
Closed Open every day, except for January 1 and 2.
Price range
Credit cards Accepted.
Overseas Tourist-Friendly
The text on the products is only in Japanese, but the staff at the shop will use gestures to gently communicate with you.
Information Only Japanese.
Lanuages spoken Simple English.
Shipping services No.

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