Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Business Name agex communications Inc.
Business Location WEST18 6F, 254 Donomae-cho, Nakagyou-ku, Kyoto 604-8134 Japan
Representative or Chief of Operations Toru Sugai
Email sharing-kyoto@agex.co.jp
Telephone 075-254-7481
Business Hours Weekdays: 9:00-17:00 (Excludes weekends and public holidays. Click here for a calendar of business days.)
Prices Premium Membership Subscription:
Shown on the Premium Membership information page.

Shown in the details of each tour.
Order Confirmation Time Premium Membership Subscription:

Within three business days.
Time at which Services are Provided Premium Membership Subscription:
Immediately following the completion of the signup process.

In the case of a successful reservation, tours are held upon the arrival of participates to the indicated meeting place at the indicated time.
Payment Timing and Method Payment Method: Credit Card

Premium Membership Subscription:
Payment of the Premium Membership fee is carried out upon the entrance of one's credit card information when signing up.

Credit card information is to be entered when requesting a tour reservation. Payment of the tour fee will occur on the day of the tour itself or on the following day.
Additional Required Fees Any data costs incurred while using Sharing Kyoto are the responsibility of the user.
Cancellation Policy Premium Membership Subscription:
Refunds are not given in any circumstances for subscription cancellations or renewals.

The date until which refunds can be made is listed in the "About Cancellations" section of each tours' page.
If a cancellation is made by the date specified, a refund of the amount specified separately in the "About Cancellations" section of each tours' page will be made.
Cancellations beyond the guaranteed refund date will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Use by Minors If the user is a minor, Sharing Kyoto is only to be used upon the obtainment of parent or guardian consent.

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