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Sharing Kyoto features the most popular things to do, restaurants, shops, and events in Kyoto,
but also puts the spotlight on the trendy and hip things happening right now.

What’s happening in Kyoto

Things to Do
A new classic for nightlife in Kyoto during your travels! Impressive entertainment by GEAR and Japanese avant-garde dance at Kyoto Butoh-kan
In this article, I will introduce GEAR and Kyoto Butoh-kan as a new nightlife recommendation for foreign travelers coming to Kyoto.
Things to Do
Cycling in Kyoto! The best route for a fun day of bicycling in Kyoto
See a different kind, but equally beautiful, Kyoto from the saddle of a bicycle
Cheers! Fire pubs great for getting out of the heat of Kyoto’s summers!
It’s getting hot! This means it’s the season to say cheers at these five great pubs in Kyoto!
Things to Do
Five cool and pleasant places in Kyoto to enjoy the green leaves of the beginning summer!
Summer is finally here in Kyoto! The leaves are budding and the green canopy of them envelopes Kyoto in its leafy embrace.
Kitchen of Kyoto! Five great & fun & busy shops at Nishiki Market!
Nishiki Market is full of interesting-looking things glittering in the light coming from the tricolored glass panels of its roof, but here are five shops you can’t miss!
Things to Do
Use the Japan Rail Pass to come to Kyoto from Tokyo and enjoy Uji and Fushimi!
Use the Japan Rail Pass to come to Kyoto, and enjoy some local sightseeing in Uji and see the torii gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine!
Top 5 restaurants with the best chicken ramen in Kyoto! Chicken soup so full of umami you can’t believe it!
Chicken ramen that is so thick it’s just a bowlful of collagen! Five restaurants you must visit in Kyoto and try their chicken ramen!
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