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Sharing Kyoto features the most popular things to do, restaurants, shops, and events in Kyoto,
but also puts the spotlight on the trendy and hip things happening right now.

What’s happening in Kyoto

Leather bags from Kyoto: the Italian Maestro and Japanese attention to detail
L’Elisir and Caede combine the autumn leaves of Kyoto and Italian design into leather bags that can only be said to be “bellissimo!”
Three biggest festivals of Kyoto
In the historic city of Kyoto there are three famous festivals that have been celebrated for hundreds, even thousands of years. Sometimes called “Three big Kyoto festivals”, these festivals are Aoi Festival, Gion Festival, and Jidai Festival, and they are famous world-wide.
Five carefully selected Japanese kitchenware stores in Kyoto
There is something addictive about Japanese cutlery and other kitchenware. And when you add the traditional feel of Kyoto to them, you have something really interesting in your hands.
Things to Do
How to get to Hieizan Enryaku-ji Temple from central Kyoto
The fun way of getting to Mt. Hiei and Enryaku-ji Temple from Kyoto with great views by using the cable car, ropeway, and bus.
Top 5 restaurants for lunch near Kyoto Station
There are many great restaurants close to Kyoto Station, so Sharing Kyoto helped you pick five restaurants you can’t go wrong with!
What to get as souvenirs from Kyoto? 5 shops with cookies so delicious you won’t believe it!
There is so much to choose in Kyoto when it comes to edible souvenirs, but if you like Japanese cookies, be sure to check out this article and the best cookies in Kyoto! But be careful, the cookies are addictive!
Things to Do
Arashiyama from morning to night: a full day in one of Kyoto’s most famous sightseeing areas
Full day plan for Arashiyama from Togetsu-kyo and Monkey Park with vegan-friendly dinner options
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