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Sharing Kyoto features the most popular things to do, restaurants, shops, and events in Kyoto,
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What’s happening in Kyoto

Things to Do
Matchmaking the Kyoto way: 8 shrines and temples that are going to help you find a partner
The shrines of Kyoto are here to help you find love in your life, so say goodbye to your bachelor life here in the old capital!
Top 10 restaurants offering international cuisine in Kyoto
Tired of Japanese food all the time? Luckily you can have some great international food in Kyoto, like Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Californian... and the list goes on.
Things to Do
Vanessa’s tipsy excursion to the home ground of sake in Kyoto, Fushimi Chushojima!
You can find out a lot about sake in Fushimi Chushojima, and in this half-day excursion to this sake area of Kyoto you’ll find the best way to tour the distilleries!
Top 5 restaurants for lunch near Kyoto Station
There are many great restaurants close to Kyoto Station, so Sharing Kyoto helped you pick five restaurants you can’t go wrong with!
Five shops in Kyoto offering interesting tsukemono pickles
When shopping in Kyoto, one of the best parts is getting to taste different tsukemono. There are so many vegetables that you can get pickled in Kyoto, from daikon to apples, that this ancient city could be said to be the capital of pickles.
Things to Do
Let’s collect goshuin temple stamps in Kyoto! Top 5 famous temple stamps
The calligraphic temple stamps you can receive at shrines and temples are great souvenirs. Here are the 5 most popular temple stamps in Kyoto!
Enjoy the winter of 2018 in Kyoto! Top 7 events for January and February
In this article, you can learn about the most recommended traditional events taking place in Kyoto in January and February 2018.
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