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Top Bars and Cafes to Enjoy Kamogawa River’s Noryo-Yuka Terraces!
Summertime in Kyoto means the opening of the famous Kamogawa River noryo-yuka terraces. These terraces are known for being the best spots to enjoy traditional Japanese Kaiseki dinners with a view of the Kamogawa River. However, as traditional Japanese restaurants aren’t the only ones with these terraces, we decided to put together a list of our top bars and cafes that also offer these relaxing summer staples!
Evolved Shinshu Soba with a view of the Kyoto Imperial Palace
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All Aboard the Kyo-Train! Hankyu Railway’s Latest Weekend-exclusive Kyoto Themed Train
Hop on Hankyu Railway’s latest Kyoto themed sightseeing train, the “Kyo-Train GARAKU” and take a trip to Japan’s former capital! The “Kyo-Train GARAKU”—which exclusively runs on weekends and holidays—was designed and built around the concept of transporting passengers to Kyoto as soon as they step inside the carrage. Below, Sharing Kyoto’s very own Taiwanese writer, Vanessa, will introduce all the little details you might miss on this beautiful train, before sharing her personal adventure on the “Kyo-Train.”
MonoArt coffee roasters
Obsessive and freshly roasted, MonoArt’s coffee is art itself
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A special little spot on the corner weaving itself into your life
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Salon de Royal Kyoto
A royal chocolatier on the bank of the Kamogawa River
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