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Sharing Kyoto features the most popular things to do, restaurants, shops, and events in Kyoto,
but also puts the spotlight on the trendy and hip things happening right now.

What’s happening in Kyoto.

Things to Do
Half-day itinerary for Toei Kyoto Studio Park
Many people may think they need to pay many additional fees to truly enjoy Toei Kyoto Studio Park, one of the best sightseeing spots in Kyoto, but actually, you can really enjoy the park with only the entrance fee!
Things to Do
Ninna-ji Temple is the most relaxing World Heritage Site in Kyoto
Ninna-ji Temple in Kyoto is a calm place known for its cherry blossoms, beatiful Japanese garden, and its relations with the Imperial Family.
Best souvenirs for girls! 5 cute Japanese cosmetic products
I’m going to introduce Japanese cosmetics that can only be bought in Kyoto! These cosmetics are good quality and pretty, but still reasonably prized so they make for good souvenirs.
Things to Do
Top 20 free places in Kyoto with the best scenery
If you want to see beautiful scenery in Kyoto, and for free, look no further! The best 20 spots with the nicest scenery in Kyoto.
Head into the slightly intoxicated world of Kyoto craft beer! Kampai!
When you come into Kyoto, you can’t miss out on the craft beer! It’s time to head into the most interesting places offering craft beer in Kyoto! Cheers!
Things to Do
Cheapest and fastest way to get to Kyoto from Kansai International Airport
Which one is the cheapest and fastest way to get to Kyoto from KIX? Hankyu? JR? Keihan? We’re going to find out.
Top 20 unforgettable matcha desserts in Kyoto
Sharing Kyoto ate all of the latest and trendiest matcha desserts, and we have chosen the best 20 for you!
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