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Sharing Kyoto features the most popular things to do, restaurants, shops, and events in Kyoto,
but also puts the spotlight on the trendy and hip things happening right now.

What’s happening in Kyoto

Things to Do
Office girl Vanessa takes Hankyu Train to Kyoto to find out the best things to do and the most delicious restaurants!
Save money and get the Hankyu Tourist Pass when you travel to Kyoto! Come see a yet-unseen side of Kyoto with Vanessa!
Top 4 tea shops in Kyoto! Japanese tea-souvenirs for everyone!
Kyoto’s Japanese tea is world-famous, so it’s only natural it’s a popular souvenir. Here are the four best tea shops in Kyoto! Let’s go taste some tea!
Six excellent Halal restaurants in Kyoto, many of them with a praying room too!
Recently there are more and more restaurants in Kyoto catering to the many Muslim tourists visiting this ancient city and in this article, you can find a few that are definitely tasty!
Kyoto is not only sightseeing! Top 6 shopping centers in Kyoto for the shopaholic!
There is so much more to do and shop in Kyoto than just temples and shrines, so let me take you on a shopping spree in the old capital!
Let's visit Kyoto in spring! 5 activities in Kyoto during spring
The weather has warmed up again with the arrival of spring and everyone is in a joyful mood! Let's visit Kyoto and take part in its outdoor spring activities!
Things to Do
Use the Japan Rail Pass to come to Kyoto from Tokyo and enjoy Uji and Fushimi!
Use the Japan Rail Pass to come to Kyoto, and enjoy some local sightseeing in Uji and see the torii gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine!
Things to Do
Walk the historic streets of Kyoto in a kimono! Top 5 kimono rental shops!
You have to try wearing a kimono when in Kyoto, and I’m going to introduce the 5 rental shops with the best offerings!
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