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Sharing Kyoto is a concierge service
that offers authentic ways to enjoy Kyoto.

Since you’ve come all the way to Kyoto...
Wouldn’t it be a waste to just visit famous sights and restaurants that are overflowing with tourists?
At Sharing Kyoto, we keep looking for “Eemon”, or things we have experienced firsthand and truly believe are special and enjoyable.
Since you have come all the way to Kyoto, why not discover the many
“Eemon” that Kyoto is proud of and have an extraordinary experience?

Staff Introduction

Our staff member Shin, who is a Kyoto native and has a world traveler's perspective,
and interpreter staff member Elise, a foreigner who is said to love Kyoto
even more than Kyoto people, will support you at each step of your trip.
Hello, I'm Shin! I'm a travel concierge here to guide you through deep experiences in Kyoto! As a native of Kyoto, born and raised here, I have a thorough understanding of Kyoto's culture, traditions, and customs. I would love to introduce you to the many charms of Kyoto that only locals know about. I love Kyoto, but I'm also interested in the history and cultures of the world, and have traveled to about 40 countries so far. Therefore, I understand well what travelers are looking for, and I believe I can make personalized suggestions that suit your needs. From the perspectives of both a Kyoto native and a world traveler, I will assist you in making your trip to Kyoto unique and memorable!
Why we can
Why are we able to introduce you to "Eemon"?
Hi! We are Sharing Kyoto, a group of people that has come together around a shared passion for Kyoto. Sharing Kyoto provides concierge services specialized in Kyoto for foreign visitors to Kyoto. The Kyoto we want to convey through our concierge service is the "real” Kyoto. Sometimes it is something that has been loved for a long time, has a long history or tradition, or is trendy. What we consider an authentic experience in Kyoto has not only to do with luxury or highly reviewed things. We are constantly looking for the most valuable and authentic travel experiences by exploring Kyoto on our own and finding new ideas.
Sharing Kyoto


  • Honesty based on actual experience
    You can rest assured that, as professionals in tourism living in Kyoto, we will only introduce things that we have actually experienced and found to be unique and especially valuable.
  • Knowledge and Connoisseurship
    We have an overwhelming knowledge and experience of Kyoto's culture, history, and food, as well as a keen sensitivity to recognize the truly good things.
  • Perspective from a foreigner living in Japan
    We are able to provide services from two perspectives: the locals' perspective of our staff member who was born and raised in Kyoto, and the perspective of our foreign staff who lives in Kyoto and loves it dearly.

Our Service

By signing up for a concierge membership, you can receive the following services:
  • Itinerary Planning
    Itinerary Planning
    As local Kyoto concierges, we propose with full confidence unique ways to enjoy Kyoto tailored to your wishes. The places will be selected carefully to both meet your needs and exceed your expectations!
  • Suggestions and Reservations
    Suggestions and Reservations
    We will introduce you to restaurants loved by locals. We will also give you access to prestigious, long-standing establishments that are difficult to book as new customers.
  • Restaurant Attendant
    Restaurant Attendant
    A concierge will accompany you and provide in-depth explanations on how to better enjoy it. You will appreciate the introduced food and places even more by being able to understand their context! *Hourly, with an additional fee.
Price Table
Concierge membership annual fee
10,000 yen
Inquiries and consultations regarding sightseeing in Kyoto
are available as often as you wish.
Optional services you can sign up for as a member
Arrangements for various types of reservations
10% commission fee of the total amount of the reservation.
Itinerary planning
Half day Itinerary proposal: 10,000 yen
One day Itinerary proposal: 15,000 yen
Attendance service
Restaurant suggestion and guide fee (3 hours): 15,000 yen.
Private tours
Half-day tour: 40,000 yen /
Full-day tour: 70,000 yen


Below are some reviews from foreign guests who used Sharing Kyoto’s services.
  • Ian
    It is a great service that combines hidden, traditional experiences in Kyoto with kind and knowledgeable guides that ensures guests have an unforgettable day.
  • Michaela
    The United States
    We learnt so much about the history of Kyoto, the culture of Kyoto and its people. We experienced many beautiful sites and got to see many different places, temples and parklands. We appreciated Shin’s commentary and knowledge of the area and also the follow up email with additional information and videos. We would very much recommend Shin and the Sharing Kyoto company.
  • Frankie
    The United States
    The Hyotei that was proposed to us was the perfect Kyoto image. We could see a nice garden, people in kimonos served us, the atmosphere was lovely, it was all good.
  • Patrick
    We had an amazing experience at the temple. The Sharing Kyoto team was very welcome and informative. The highlights were the two meditations with the monk and the lunch and tea with a beautiful view on the peaceful garden. It was very special to experience all of this in a private setting without hordes of tourists.
  • Arunika
    I would like the say a massive thank you to Shin and Mr Matsuda for being brilliant hosts. This was a once in a lifetime experience and definitely the highlight of my trip to Japan. Mr Matsuda was very kind and supportive, and provided tailored teaching in a fun way. Shin was very helpful in translating everything, and came prepared with printouts about the history and process of Kintsugi. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn the traditional method, at their own pace, in a fun and wholesome setting.
  • Lydia
    You treated us super good, making everything possible for us to enjoy this experience, and we are very grateful for it. We are really glad we could experience this authentic Kintsugi workshop guided by such a experienced Sensei. We learned a lot about the traditional process, and was amazing to be able to conduct the different steps of this marvelous process.
By letting us know the circumstances of your trip, your preferences and the places you have already visited,
we will be able to provide better suggestions and a smoother experience.