Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 25, 2016
The Company recognizes the importance of personal information, and has positioned the management of personal information as an important management area. The Company has therefore defined the following privacy policy, and requires that not only of Company directors and employees, but all the parties with which the Company does business, understand and provide their cooperation with this privacy policy.
1. Basic Approach
All those working for agex communications Inc. strive to recognize that personal information is important property of individuals, and to protect the information of customers and earn their trust by handling personal information accurately and safely.
2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance
When handling personal information, the Company complies with all personal information protection laws, such as the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information,” regulations, guidelines, and this Privacy Policy.
3. Appropriate Collection, Use, and Supply of Personal Information
(1) Collection and Use of Personal Information Personal information is collected using appropriate and proper means. The purpose of collecting the personal information is explicitly defined, and the personal information is collected with customer consent except in cases where exceptions are specified by law.
(2) Management of Personal Information The Company specifies personal information management personnel, who carefully manage personal information to prevent it from being leaked to third parties. The Company implements appropriate and reasonable safety countermeasures against risks such as unauthorized access by third parties, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, or the like, and strives to protect personal information. When the handling of personal information is consigned to outside parties, the Company selects contractors (“Outsourcing Contractors”) that it recognizes as handling personal information appropriately. Outsourcing contracts and agreements stipulate requirements such as personal information management requirements, confidentiality requirements, prohibition of subcontracting, and the like, ensuring that personal information is managed appropriately.
(3) Supply of Personal Information The Company does not disclose or supply personal information to third parties other than Outsourcing Contractors without the consent of the persons to whom the personal information belongs. However, when disclosure is required by law, or by courts, police departments, or other public agencies, personal information may be disclosed or provided without the consent of the persons to whom the personal information belongs.
(4) Correction of Personal Information The Company respects the rights of individuals with regard to their own personal information, and will comply, within reasonable bounds, to requests for disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information by those to whom the information belongs.
4. Implementation of Safety Measures
In accordance with the Privacy Policy, the Company has defined internal regulations regarding the protection of personal information, trains its directors, employees, etc., in the protection of personal information, monitors the implementation of personal protection measures, and endeavors to protect personal information while making continuous improvements.
agex communications Inc. President: Toru Sugai

◆ Purpose of Use of Personal Information by Sharing Kyoto
Unless otherwise indicated, the personal information collected by the Company is collected for the following purposes for use by the “Sharing Kyoto” web portal, an information provision service provided via the Company’s website, and by the services and content, etc., provided by the Company.

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